Tuesday, September 19, 2017

PERIOD 5!!!!

Again, welcome to your new class!  :)

Here is an overview of some of the things we discussed & a few things we did not.

1.  Your signed sheets are due by Monday, 9/25.  One is the full sheet, the other 2 just rip off the bottom.  be sure to FULLY COMPLETE them all for full credit, as discussed in class today.  Each is an easy test grade...if you do it & turn it in on time!

2.  You must be signed up for & request to join our class in Quizlet no later than 2 pm on Monday, 9/25.  if you have followed the directions in your packet, I will approve you as I get the email from Quizlet with your request to join.  This will be a test grade.

3.  All Chapter 4 notes are due on Monday, 9/25.  You will have a quiz using them, please refer to your packet if you have questions or see me.  There will be no make-up quiz if you are late & miss it OR do not do the work.

  Section 1 Notes (copy & paste links if clicking them doesn't work.  using a phone does not always work.)

  Section 2 Notes:

  Section 3 Notes:

  Section 4 Notes:

4.  You must log into your Thinkwave account by 2 pm on Wednesday, 9/27.  This will be a test grade, codes were handed out in class on Wednesday, 9/20.

5.  While you are exempt form the Vocab Quiz next week, you will be quizzed on the words on all quizzes moving forward, so you'll want to define them as you have time.

6.  As Quizlet is available t you for 9 days prior to the new date, you WILL be taking next Friday's exam.  everything you need is in the Quizlet review.

7.  We will spend the next few days catching you up to my other US classes, so be sure to be on time & ready to learn!  Please be sure to have a minute pass if you have a Ross class 4th period, be prepared to show me that pass, and have your ID on. Remember, a minute pass is for a minute!

TEST DATE CHANGE for Chapters 1-4 Exam

Your new test date, for ALL periods, is Friday, 9/29.  The make up dates, as described in the original post, will be changed to Monday-Wednesday, October 2, 3, & 4.

The review is in Quizlet & has been open since September 6th.

For Wednesday, 9/20

If you were absent today, get the words added to your vocab due next week from someone who came to class today!

Periods 1 & 2: bring your work form today back with you tomorrow.  I'll give you another day with the textbooks while I catch the new period 5 class up to where you are.  If you prefer to print out the vocab list to use, that's fine, I will allow that printout in class tomorrow.

Period 5: be sure to have your minute pass for class (if you are coming from Ross 4th period), be sure that you are on time to class, and be prepared for a crash course to catch you up to my other sections! Your Chapter 4 notes are due on Monday 9/25, as stated in class today.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Speak another language? Guidance needs your help!

I received the following email this afternoon.  If you are interested in building your college resume with volunteer work, need community service hours for a club/group/honor society, OR are a Senior that needs Community Service Hours for Government, please go to Guidance on your free period tomorrow to get more details & sign up!

I am looking for students to translate at Oak Park’s meet the teacher night on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2017.  Please send any interested students to Sonderling Guidance to sign up with Ms. Fox.
Wayne A. Abenes
Brentwood District Coordinator of Guidance, K-12

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Lots of Missing HW, Lots of Incorrect Quizlet :(

As of 6:40 this evening, 9/10 only 24 of the 60 of you have viewed the HW post for tomorrow.  Not sure what the rest of you are waiting for, but you will, indeed, receive a zero with no make up if you do not have the work as directed.

As of this post, all valid Quizlet requests have been approved & entered into Thinkwave.  If you requested to join but don't have an approval, look over the direction because it's likely you're one of the many people who did not follow them the first time. :(  Fix it before 2 pm Tuesday!

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, September 9, 2017


A few reminders & updates for you:

  • As of this post (11:12 am, 9/9) all Quizlet requests have been approved.  If you requested to join and do NOT have an approval (or cannot view your class), you did not follow the directions regarding acceptable user names & your request has been "ignored."  If this is you, you will need to fix it & send me an email that it is now in compliance as Quizlet will not send me another email regarding your request to join.  In addition, someone joined the wrong class (last year's) - you will need to make sure you have requested 2017-2018.  If you sent a request already but still don't have access, check your request OR request to join the correct class.   The due date on this is 9/12, 2 pm
  • You need to log into Thinkwave (& change your password while you're there) by 9/18, 2 pm.
  • Your HWQ (homework quiz) will be at the start of your class.  You will be using your HW (the and-copied notes), anything other than YOUR hand-copied notes will be confiscated & earn a 0.  Late to class = 0 on HWQ, no make-up per policy.
  • I recorded all of the signed forms into Thinkwave yesterday afternoon.  There were 3 total.  The breakdown is this: 100 = all is well, than you.  75 = you left parts bank or did not complete the form.  0 = too much was incomplete, your name was missing, I could not read your name, or you never turned it in.  You have one FINAL chance to earn some credit by turning them in BEFORE FIRST PERIOD on Monday.  I will be in 1825.  Anything after the 1st period bell will not receive a grade change.  The change if your forms are compete, is from the 0 currently entered to a 65.  Not sure what you did?  Its in Thinkwave.
  • Lastly, the Extra Credit for the State Map Challenge has been posted.  If you see a 100 or 200 labeled extra credit for you in Thinkwave, nice job!  Your group won!  

Have a great rest of the weekend.  See you Monday!

(PS - I see as of now only SIX of you have even looked at the HW due Monday.  If you do not do your HW, you will likely fail the marking period.  Don't wait until the last minute because I don;t accept excuses!!!)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

TEST TODAY: Wednesday, 9/27

Your Chapters 2, 3, & 4 Exam will be on Wednesday, 9/27.  The Quizlet Review has been open since September 8th.  If you have been in class, paid attention, done your homework, and study you should do very well on the test.  STUDY THE REVIEW IN QUIZLET - it was made using the material on your exam.

Make up for legal absences is before school (per my make-up policy), last day to make up is Friday, 9/29.  Failure to make-up the exam will result in a zero for that test.  Cuts & illegal absences cannot be made up, and anyone late to class will not receive extra time on the exam.

The test will NOT be a full period so please bring your regular required supplies with you to class that day.