Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ths Week's HWQs Update

All HWQs from this week will be given after your Vocab quiz in Friday, 4/27.

All of last week's vocab will be given back at the start of class tomorrow, if your class did not already receive back that work last week.

Any other work due (packets, etc.) is due at the start of class tomorrow, 4/26.

74 "0's" on Chapter 19 Exam

Exactly 16 of you bothered to do the Ch 19 Online Exam.  It closed Sunday morning, I'm just well enough to be out of bed & turned on my laptop to print out your scores.

If you are one of the 74 students who didn't bother to do the assignment, please don't come to me at the end of the marking period when you have a 64, or a 63, or a 62 for the MP, or for the course, asking for consideration in your grade.  You had a week to do an online exam.  You were reminded about it in a post 2 days before it was due. 

It wasn't timed so you could do it as you needed over the week it was open, including during your free periods at or after school over a number of days..  Since it wasn't timed you could have even used your notes & worksheets for help. 

And, like the exam note & posting both stated, there is no make-up for online exams. 

Quite disappointing, considering how many of you need a decent grade this MP & this is the year colleges will look at more than any other.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Review Books

Review books were handed out in class today.  If you were absent from class, you must come to Room 1825 before 7:30 am to sign for your review book.  No class time will be used for this as we did it in class today.  There is no time before or after the bell rings, so prior to 7:30 am is your only option.

Chapter 22 Videos

The Dust Bowl

The Great Depression: Causes

The Great Depression: Hoover Responds

The Great Depression: Human Impact

The Great Depression: President Roosevelt Responds

Chapter 21 Videos


The Scopes “Monkey” Trial

“Take the A Train”

The Harlem Renaissance

Langston Hughes: The Negro Speaks of Rivers

Langston Hughes: I, Too, Sing America


Regents Review Supplies

  Please note that notes are done IN CLASS and NOTHING is posted online.  There are no make-ups during Regents Review.

Required Supplies as of May 14th!

You must have the following items with you in class
EVERY DAY in order to
fully participate in your review & to be
considered prepared:

  • Lined (ruled) 3x5 Index cards
NO LESS THAN 300 & ONLY 3x5 SIZE.  You will likely use them all for US History (Global students may need 100-200 additional cards depending on your Global I knowledge.)  You need roughly 50 per day in class.
  • 3x5 index card dividers (1 pack)

These are usually manila colored, alphabetical tabs are fine.  Plastic is not a good option as you will be unable to write on it & are not allowed to have Sharpies in school. Post-it’s or any similar items are not acceptable substitutes.  You need roughly 5 per day in class.

  • AT LEAST 2 identical, standard blue ink pens OR 2 standard black ink pens
NO GEL PENS since they CANNOT be used on the State Answer Sheet for the Regents Exam.  Erasable ink is NOT permitted.
  • Binder with paper for charts, essays, and handouts
  • 3x5 index card holder to keep review flashcards organized
  • Highlighter
The District has graciously bought books for our use.  

PLEASE NOTE:  White out in ANY FORM is not permitted in the Regents Exam.  Do not bring it to class or use it on your assignments – get used to crossing out any errors you make!


Chapter 20 Videos

“Red Scare for Dummies” Video

The Palmer Raids

Sacco & Vanzetti

Boston Police Strike of 1919

Immigration Act of 1924 Video WS